Our School

Rathdown Language School is situated in the heart of Greystones town, which lies about 25km south of Dublin. It is connected to Dublin by the electric train (DART) and a good bus service. The school has 20 classrooms and opens from late June to the end of August. We specialise in teaching English to students aged between 10 and 19. Our programmes include English classes for three hours per morning, per week, with an excellent range of activities and cultural visits in the afternoons as well as evening activities and weekend excursions. The majority of our students stay with specially selected host families near the school.
We offer a broad range of programmes, specialising in small teaching groups of four students to one teacher, one to one tuition and short stay cultural breaks outside the summer season. We are always delighted to discuss with our clients how we can best meet their particular requirements. Since our very first day it has been our intention to offer a warm, friendly atmosphere where English language students can immerse themselves in the English language.
All our teaching staff have the highest TEFL qualifications as set down by the Department of Education and Science in Ireland. We encourage students to mix and interact with students of other nationalities and try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.


How it works:

Students arrive in late August a couple of days before the Irish schools open for the new academic year. This gives them time to meet their host family, organise books and uniform and become acquainted with their local surroundings. They attend school on the first day which really involves an orientation tour of the school and they receive their timetable for the year. They get to meet their teachers and are introduced to their new Irish classmates. They also receive a handbook explaining the school rules and what extra-curricular activities are available to them. The next day the classes begin.

Students are helped in every way possible to get involved in school life and they have a form teacher and year head in the school to help them overcome any problems that may arise. The students also have back-up from Rathdown Language School as a representative will meet them once a week during their first month and then every two weeks thereafter to make sure the students are happy and working to their best ability. Any school or host family problems are sorted out as quickly as possible, should they arise.