The 4:1 Programme

This programme is designed for students from 11 – 17 years of age. It is an intensive two/three week English language course where students are immersed fully into an English language situation. Classes are a maximum of four students to one teacher and take place in the teachers’ home. Tuition is from 10.00hrs to 13.00hrs and emphasis is on the spoken word and teachers are encouraged to use everyday resources such as newspaper articles, TV news and documentaries, magazine articles, operating bus timetables, choosing menus, articles of local interest, etc. as well as the formal textbooks. Teachers are encouraged to place students into conversational situations such as making a telephone call, speaking to the local postman/milkman, etc.
Lunch takes place in the teachers’ home with the teacher and the family between 13.00hrs and 14.00hrs. Again, students are encouraged during this time to speak English.


Afternoon activities take place between 14.00hrs and 16.30hrs with the teacher. Teachers must include at least two cultural activities per week (e.g. visit to a local museum, castle, heritage centre, city, etc.). The other afternoon activities can be more informal (e.g.. visit to an aquarium, shopping trip, art/cooking lessons, visit to lake/mountain, seaside, etc.). Again, conversational situations are encouraged such as students asking questions on visits, paying entrance fees, buying from sales assistants etc. Teachers are also encouraged to relate activities in the afternoons to classes in the mornings.
Students will have two/three full day excursions each Saturday where they will meet up with other students for cultural visits and shopping opportunities.
Students will be placed in a host family situation within easy travelling distance to the teachers’ home. Teachers may also host a student. Students will only be placed with families well known to the school and only one French/Spanish/Italian speaker per family. Rathdown Language School will place students in families where there is a family member of roughly the same age as the student where requested.
All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and hold the necessary qualifications as set down by the Department of Education and Science for teaching EFL in Ireland.

The One to One Programme

This is an intensive programme where the student attends the home of the tutor for one, two or three hours per day (whichever suits their needs best) and receives English tuition on a one to one basis. Students are also encouraged to attend group classes in the afternoon or morning and /or cultural visits in the afternoons and evenings.


Mini Stays during the year

Teachers and students can chose to stay 5, 6 or 7 nights and select their preferred activities and visits. If you wish, English classes can be supplied in the mornings before activities in the afternoon. Activities include visiting various points of interest in Dublin and Wicklow, as well as enjoying outings such as bowling and Irish dancing! Very affordable rates, and teachers travel free with classes of 15 or more.


Academic Year/Term Programme

Rathdown Language School offers students from abroad to come and study English through the Irish School system for a period of a term or a full year. It is suitable for secondary/high school students from years one to six, who wish to follow the Irish school curriculum and study their school subjects through English. This programme involves the student fully immersing themselves into the language and it is probably one of the most successful means by which to really improve their level of English.

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Two/Three Week School Going Programme

Our school runs a 2/3 week school going programme where students have English lessons for 3 hours each weekday morning with cultural and sporting activities in the afternoons. This course includes two evening activities and a full day cultural excursion each Saturday. The classes have a maximum of 12 students. Students
sit a short test on their first day and are divided into classes according to their level of English and their age.

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